Our Partners

Genesis Global Business Services is a global-to-local research, advisory and strategy firm providing international, regional and national market intelligence and analytics, driven by the most recent quantitative data and qualitative insights. Our networked team of researchers, analysts and influencers are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication of these knowledge enablers that we can serve our clients, generate long-term value for our clientele and contribute to the broader public. They generate leading-edge, forward-looking research, advice, strategy, best practice and thought leadership that enable organizations to solve problems, thrive on opportunities, drive business development directed strategies and make real impact.

FDI Business Diplomacy provide solutions to leading investment promotion agencies and FDI-focused organizations around the globe. Our team has expertise in supporting private companies on their internationalization journey, and attract FDI through proven business development, sales & marketing lead generation techniques. We are an international advisory firm with a modern approach to facilitating foreign direct investment opportunities between economic development organizations, investment promotion agencies, special economic development zones and companies around the globe.

LiveXchange was founded almost twenty years ago by a Canadian entrepreneur who believed in the potential of the gig-driven, remote-work model. LiveXchange specializes in supporting organizations of all sizes with their shift to highly flexible, on-demand, home-based service providers. LiveXchange supports all aspects of the omnichannel customer experience value chain. Effectively, we provide our clients with a platform that is a one-stop-shop for the core of a complete customer experience operation. These include: Recruitment & Training Scheduling, Operational Oversight, Payroll Administration, Workforce Management Solutions, Ensuring Operational Excellence and Security & Compliance Standards.

SKWeston helps B2C companies in healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, and other industries build and optimize a contact center operational model that transforms their customer experience strategy into measurable, sustainable business value. We have successfully completed workforce optimization, operational improvement, and technology deployment engagements for more than 300 companies. Our clients include Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, and other B2C sectors, and include Cardinal Health, Raymond James, United Healthcare, and Affinity.

tkg have extensive board and operational level international experience within the digital, customer experience, and outsourcing sectors. Our collective experience has shaped the development of our approach to make sourcing processes more accessible and relevant to both clients and suppliers. We work across public and private sectors delivering across a diverse range of programmes from the large-scale all the way through to micro-services. We will always allow our clients to use our platform to go their own way. When it isn’t so simple, our team are there to help form and support a partnership through our assisted and managed services.